"Daddy Day"

I spent the day with two of my little girls, Aubrey and Ella. We had breakfast together (Barbie Pop Tarts) to start the day off. We then took a trip to Home Depot for our traditional monthly workshop. We build all sorts of cool stuff on the first Saturday of every month. Today we built an "Art Caddy". I have to say, it was one of the more difficult projects. The girls did great though and didn't smash any fingers, so that was good.

After Home Depot, we drove back home rockin' out to Barbie Magic of the Rainbow (can you tell I love my girls). I have to admit, that dang CD is pretty catchy. We then ate some lunch and hung around for a bit. Later on we went to the pool. When we were at the door waiting to leave Aubrey was really cute and said, "This is a fun day...it's a Daddy Day!" That made me feel loved :o) . When we were at the pool the girls were both swimming the best ever! I was so proud.