Hola Señor!

I got the promotion I was up for and I'm the newest Sr. Engineer for T-Mobile! I just want to thank all of my family members for their prayers on my behalf. I want to especially thank my sweet Holly for all of her encouragement and support. I'm so happy and humbled at all the Lord has done for me and my little family. We have come a long way and the Lord's arms are extended still. I feel so blessed to have so many opportunities and I know that I have my parents to thank for that. Thanks Mom and Dad for being such great examples to us kids and for your endless support. Now it's time to partay!

P.S. I love working in the wireless industry and especially for T-Mobile. They have taken really good care of my family and I stand 100% behind our new tag line, "stick together." What did I do when I found out the news? I called two of my faves (my wife and my mom) on my cell phone to let them know.