Summer Reading

It's been almost a month and I'm sure my readership has dwindled considerably. So, here's a nugget for ya...

It's summer again and time for our ward's Book of Mormon reading challenge! Our ward has started a tradition of reading the BoM over the summer months. The program started with the challenge issued to the youth and then to the entire ward. I participated last year and received so many blessings for following the council of our Bishop. We used this website last year to help keep us all on track and I loved it!

I'm excited about reading the BoM cover to cover once again. I feel an added measure of the Spirit in my life when I'm reading from the scriptures daily. I'm always amazed at how much I learn each time I read it. I know that as human beings we tend to forget and the BoM helps us remember who we really are and why we are here.

Holly and I just watched Prince Caspian the other night. What an awesome movie and book. Afterwards, Holly and I talked about how much we forgot about the book. I remembered the general story, but some of the details were lacking. One bit of detail that I did remember was the amount of time that it took the Pevensies to remember where they were; once back in Narnia. In the book, it took nearly all day/night, but in the movie it took them about 10 minutes.

The scriptures help take us back to where we came from. The scriptures help us remember why we are here and who we really are. The amazing thing about them is that we don't have to read all day and night to gain back that "feeling" of comfort and understanding. If we just take a few minutes out of our day to "remember", then we are so much the better. When we stop reading from them, we tend to drift away from our understanding that we are literal spirit sons and daughters of God; with the potential to become like Him. When that occurs, then we are more susceptible to making bad choices.

I hope you will join me in reading the Book of Mormon this summer. I know the Book of Mormon to be true. I've read it many times and receive that confirmation every time that I read it. I encourage you to do so and I know that you will be blessed.